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Lorquins Admiral Butterfly And Bumblebee

Meet the Lorquins Admiral Butterfly!

This first image I took is to show you what a Lorquins Admiral looks like , this is when you can stop if you have small children or if such things of the natural world turns your belly!

Some people may not know that butterflies at times have the sick factor.  Meaning at times they may act like the insects they are! 

New Oregon State Bird

New Oregon State Bird


For my lifetime as well as many of you the Western Meadowlark has been Oregon's state bird.Given the status by school children back in the late 1920's. Somethings I always thought was neat was to give school children such a voice.


Balancing Rocks of Oregon

 At one time this was just a local place.
Not to many people have been there. Now of course it has a sign and progress has moved in.
There are other spots that have these balancing rocks, some day I would like to hike to the spots we have found.
These remind me of a giant who came in and set up his house the way he wanted it.
I took these gosh, a year ago?
April 16 2010, 2:15 PM  by mrsroadrunner

Mule Deer Doe and Fawns

Mule Deer is what you will commonly see here on this side of the Cascade Mountains here in Oregon. The Mule Deer are a big species of deer here in the USA and do blend right in with their surroundings.

Seeing a Doe with more then one fawn is a neat thing to see! The fawns being so cute and all with their spots! These two look rather young.

At this moment they all just stop and look at us for they are curious too! Then like a flash they are off on the run!

Scrub Jay Playing With Food

Meet the Scrub Jay that this article will be featuring! I ran across these images as I was in my archive on another project, however going through the series I just had to laugh and it might bring a smile your face as well?

The feature scrub jay I said on twitter was a, "she", though going through the series this looks and acts more like a juvenile playing with it's food!

Assassin Fly Robber Fly

Meet the Robber Fly or Assassin Fly. This one was following me around in a part of the High Desert we were at. Guy and the dogs of course did not see it, so when Guy asked what I was doing I told him what I found.

This rather large insect seamed to give off that don't mess with me attitude. I really do not know how to explain it. This insect had nothing to worry about I had no intentions of picking it up.


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