White Crowned Sparrow Visiting The Garden

mrsroadrunner Tue, 04/22/2014 - 21:00

The White Crowned Sparrow can be found for some time here in our gardens and our wild bird area. This area consists of everything a bird could want!  Cats are prohibited in this area where the wild birds come and go! They bath, sleep, hang out then go on their merry way!


Wild Gray Hairstreak Butterfly

admin Fri, 03/25/2016 - 16:11

Butterflies are fascinating creatures big and small! Watching them flutter from this place or that place is quite the hobby for many people. I am no different! On this day as I was out tending the flowers I noticed this little one fluttering here and there and thought what the hay , lets get some photographs! That I did.

The Hat

admin Sat, 03/12/2016 - 17:17

This is the tall tale of the hat which sits nicely high on top of this ladies head. Without the hat this lady could not compete in this sport called rodeo but unlike the horse our hat gets no praise, no one says, "wow I would love one of those"!

Response From A Senator Of The United States

admin Thu, 03/03/2016 - 17:38

For some of you who keep up with my social media or even my online writting here on this site I do have a issue with those who talk and do not do anything but talk. I wrote in again to our leaders with some of my concerns.

I got this back, (even if it is a form letter),


Red breasted Nuthatch Visiting

admin Mon, 02/29/2016 - 17:43

On this day I was doing my chores, you know the domestic goddess stuff I am not all that good at? When I happened to hear a bird call out. The bird was right outside the door so it was a loud call the bird was making!


Scrub Jay Playing With Food

admin Sat, 02/20/2016 - 16:25

Meet the Scrub Jay that this article will be featuring! I ran across these images as I was in my archive on another project, however going through the series I just had to laugh and it might bring a smile your face as well?

The feature scrub jay I said on twitter was a, "she", though going through the series this looks and acts more like a juvenile playing with it's food!


Facebook getting just a tad bit intrusive

Facebook getting just a tad bit intrusive

When I signed up for facebook 6 years ago , (2010) it was so simple. One of my sons told me I need to sign up for this facebook since it will be easy for us to communicate. OK says I, using what I have used since the mid 90's , mrsroadrunner.

I keep my personal page pretty tidy. Deleting old stuff..... using the private feature to speak to worthy people, (this too I delete. I heard of facebook glitches that make these private conversations go public). I did go and make up my photography Page, why not? One has to have a, "personal page" to have a, "business page".

Assassin Fly Robber Fly

admin Sun, 02/14/2016 - 12:08

Meet the Robber Fly or Assassin Fly. This one was following me around in a part of the High Desert we were at. Guy and the dogs of course did not see it, so when Guy asked what I was doing I told him what I found.

This rather large insect seamed to give off that don't mess with me attitude. I really do not know how to explain it. This insect had nothing to worry about I had no intentions of picking it up.